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Welcome to the website of
Dash Group


Dash Corporation are a training and consultancy business specialising in strategic work with a broad spectrum of businesses including Stationery consortium Office Friendly» Financial services companies, Manufacturing clients in engineering, Business Link» and Nottingham Business Venture»


Our core beliefs are that 'actions speak louder than words' and our role is to develop a gameplan that is then perpetuated » by the client for a long-term solution.


If you have any comments, ideas or questions please send them to us via our contact form, which is on the left-hand side of every page.

Our principal trainer is Jeannette Tokeley» who specialises in company development and growth through the most valuable resource of any company - its people!


We hope you enjoy the website and look forward to working with you soon...

why we're called DASH...
Jeannette is proud to be a mentor for the Princes Trust »


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