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Jeannette Tokeley...

Mat Short »

Jeannette is the Managing Director of Dash Corporation training and consultancy. Dash specialises in strategic work with a broad spectrum of businesses including Buying Consortiums, Financial Services Companies, and Manufacturing clients. It has also developed courses which it delivers through Business Link, Nottingham Business Venture and other business advisory services.

All Jeanette's work is focused on helping increase company profitability and growth through the most valuable resource of any company - its people!

She is also a Director of a property development company.

In addition Jeannette works with other Entrepreneurs promoting low cost, low risk, low time, internet based businesses to give everybody who wants it, the chance to have a successful business of their own.


About Success?

Jeannette came to the conclusion that success is subjective and means different things to each individual. However knowing what YOU view as success means you can measure where you are on the journey towards it! More »

What makes her happy? Spectacular sunsets, spiders' webs on a misty autumn morning, gardening, family picnics and roast Sunday lunch. She gets more excited about the prospect of a new bicycle than a new car.

When asked what are the three most important characteristics for success in business and life Jeannette listed; Integrity, Integrity and Integrity, which she summarises as "Always doing what you said you would do, when you said you would do it…"

This a philosophy Jeannette learnt from a great lady - her mother - who impressed upon her that 'It's not what people say - it's what they do that shows their character'...

Jeannette gave up watching soaps a few years ago as she decided she would rather live an interesting life than watch the fictional lives of others.

Jeannette's husband has not yet found her 'off switch!'

Jeannette says " I have never met a genuinely busy person who did not have time to move forward with opportunities..."

Jeannette is proud to be a mentor for the Princes Trust »