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Example 1 - Bank Overdraft & Cash Flow Problems
Record £1 million of outstanding debt collected in one month

Regional headquarters of International office equipment distributor achieved the U.K. record of collecting £1million of outstanding debt in one month.

How did we achieve this result?

  • Initial one week project

  • Monthly review meetings to agree targets and action plans

  • Training session in using words that work and controlling attitude

    Example 2 - Falling Turnover & Decreasing Margins
    Medium sized stationery company increased turnover and profit margin

    A medium sized stationery company was able to increase turnover and profit margin by an agreed amount within a specified timescale.

    How did we achieve this result?

  • Two day project to look at current payment systems to sales personnel

  • Identification of cost savings on cost of customer servicing

  • Implementation of simple monitoring system

    Example 3 - Building Your Company To Sell It
    Small business owner successfully sells to larger company

    The owner of a small cleaning company was able to sell their business to a larger competitor and move on to other things.

    How did we achieve this result?

  • Work with owner on budget control, setting targets and manpower planning

  • Employee skills training

  • Employee motivation, achieving targets

  • Building profitable business



    "Jeannette is a business training and strategic planning consultant.

    She is very experienced in the telesales, telemarketing, sales-type environment and trains various individuals and groups at various locations.

    For me she brings unquestionable quality and professional credibility to the role of training. You can't argue with her skill. She is very good in the theoretical and practical and will happily deal with large groups and individuals."

    Patrick Salmon - Cardsave, Grimsby

    "A huge thank you for the fantastic speech you delivered to our Women in Business Inaugural Lunch.

    The feedback received from the attendees was excellent and you have certainly given them something to think about"

    Kim Lucas, Business Manager - Lloyds TSB Bristol

    "We acted on the advice we were given, which proved highly successful - if the next few days coaching are only half as beneficial we will be delighted.

    Staff enthusiasm increased and we are also benefiting in terms of pound notes in the bank and that's what counts."

    John Barrie, General Manager - Thurnams, Carlisle

    Jeannette is proud to be a mentor for the Princes Trust »